Meet Us

Andrew Olson is an experienced horticulturist, with over seven years urban growing under his belt. As Public Landscapes Manager at The Delaware Center for Horticulture (theDCH) he works to design, implement, and maintain public landscapes throughout the city of Wilmington.  He is responsible for over 25 sustainable landscapes, located throughout the city, taking care of design, planting, watering, weeding, and general maintenance of each. Prior to working at the DCH Andrew spent three years on the west coast working for one as an AmeriCorps volunteer at Earthcorps a non-profit specializing in urban parkland restoration. The other two years were spent working for an organic landscape maintenance and installation company. He is also an avid home gardener, recently planting an organic garden complete with fruit trees and organic vegetables. This is the garden that has become known as Farm 51.


Neal Santos: Boy, do I have no idea how to garden or farm. My roots are firmly planted in concrete, as I’ve been born and raised a city boy by way of Jersey City, NJ. My role on the farm is largely an extension of what I’ve learned from Andrew. I watch him feed the chickens, and then when he’s not looking I give them a little more, mostly because he’s a bit stingy in my opinion. Aside from that I’m a photographer by trade, shooting anything and everything:  news, food, the arts and beyond. I keep myself well fed as the staff photographer for the Philadelphia City Paper and manage my own photography operation.  I play recreational dodgeball for fun and enjoy adventurous eats.




Charlotte Castle started life feeding chickens on an organic family farm in Pacific Coastal Mountain Range of Oregon. She discovered Farm 51 in 2010 and has been volunteering with the farmers, and the chickens, ever since. Currently, Charlotte works for the Cultural Data Project, and she is working towards her MA in Geography & Urban Studies from Temple University. When she is not at work, school, or at Farm 51, she is touring on her bicycle, working in her own garden, making sweet potato tacos, or drinking coffee.





Roberta Baker never misses a beat. Frequently seen behind our farmstand table, Miss Roberta often talks to the greens and is Farm 51’s biggest cheerleader. Hailing from the south, Roberta shares her experiences of farming and gardening, often with sass through the frames of her glasses. A much loved presence, Miss Roberta is a fixture to the Farm 51 team.




Yahya Adib Bey has been involved with Farm51 from its inception: from helping move over 100 yards of compost through the years, to cooking up delicious meals for farm dinners. A staple to the Southwest Philly neighborhood, Yahya is often seen with his son, Yahya Jr. digging around and “getting it in” when the hard work needs to be done.




chloeChloe Tucker loves the chickens and cats the most. She stumbled into Farm 51 in the fall of 2012 and has loved planting veggies, collecting eggs, and meeting the neighbors ever since. She keeps missing workdays because she’s out of town or playing frisbee, but manages to make it back just in time for the tater tots and beer breaks.



juniorgardenersJunior Gardeners Jamal Smith, Yahya Bey Jr. and RaZion Tafari are frequently seen running the table accepting your money, giving tours, harvesting vegetables and often asking for “a break”. Each individual Jr. gardener take a special interest in what Farm 51 has to offer whether it be the farm animals, the manual labor, or the business of running a farmstand.


8 thoughts

  1. Hi – I love west Philly farming, and am glad you are in the ‘hood. I am over on Chester & 42nd and have a tiny farm ( veggies and nine chickens). If you ever want me to pick -up chicken feed I go to the Sicklerville Tractor supply about once a month and could get your order as well. Their layer feed (16% protein) is about $13.00/ 50LBS. My hens love it in addition to table scraps, and it keeps them laying in abundance .
    Glad to read about y’all –


    • Hey Fiona,

      Sorry for the delayed response! It’s great to hear from you- especially since you are such a close neighbor. I’ll talk to Andrew (he’s in charge of all the critters) but I bet he would be interested in working something out with the chicken feed. Those birds like to eat. We are down in numbers right now because of a raccoon attack that took down quite a few of our ladies. Not a fun day at the farm…

      Anyway, maybe I’ll see you around!

      • Hey folks!

        We just moved to W. Philly and brought our chickens with us… also very close to both of you all on Chester.

        We just stocked on chicken feed from Snyder’s out in Media, but it would be fun to network anyway!

        In Chicken Solidarity

      • I love how many chickens are moving into the neighborhood! I’ll pass your comment along to Andrew, he’s the chicken guru and I’m sure would be happy to know there are some chicken ally’s. Hope to see you around the neighborhood!


  2. Hey, it’s Sarah Szymanski from The Mitten. I realized that I didn’t get your email at the CHGA planning meeting, but I wanted to get in touch with you and the other growers in our area before the crop planning mtgs on the 29th. I remember you taking down the list of emails, would you mind passing it along to me? Unfortunately I won’t be at the BBQ this weekend, so it’d be good to have some internet communication.


  3. Andrew,

    It is a small world, as I am a neighbor of Kirsten and Richard in Wilmington, DE, but am working with a client, Achievability at 61st and Market. Have you done any work with their clients? Let me know as happy to make an introduction, as might be a nice way for them to volunteer and get involved. They are all single moms and Achievability helps with creating self sufficiency. Nice piece in the Out and About!


  4. I live across from you guys, I have been noticing something cool was going on there, and this morning I was walking my dog and I heard chickens!!! So cool, hope to meet you soon

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