Junior Gardener Yahya Jr. waves along the pathway to our new cut flower space.

Junior Gardener Yahya Jr. waves along the pathway to our new cut flower space.

I used to make fun of Andrew and his obsessive need to have things be clean and aesthetically pleasing. I nag on him in front of other people that he’s a “shower not a grower” when we talk about the garden. We battle over whether or not to use row cover because it’s ugly and/or beneficial. Nonetheless, I don’t give him enough credit. He’s a true artist with his husbandry.

Horticulturist with a capital H. Point to anything green and plantlike and he’ll drop those nuggets of knowledge without a pause.

But whatever you do, don’t call him a horticulturalist. I made that mistake once and never again.

But I learn from him. A lot. Things like the reasons why we can’t grow artichokes or other ill-fitting vegetables. Things like species and genus names. And I know it sounds kind of crazy, but I’m actually listening.

And I’m a sucker for flowers. Pansies for pansies. I too, am obsessed.

flowers-7 flowersinstaff1_flowers_vert2

Really. I don’t usually get excited unless I’m either reaching for my phone to instagram or shoving food down my throat, after instagramming it of course. But now i’m obsessed, carrying garden shears along my camera bag for anything wild with a pop of color or an interesting shape that I can take home and put in an arrangement. There are no buttons to push for flowers. No filters. No sunshine button. They just are.

And this year at farmstand, we’re excited to offer customers more cut flowers, so much so that we are dedicating chunks of space between Farm 51 and the other spot at the Schuylkill Center to growing them.


Speaking of farm stand. We are having a soft launch this Thursday starting at 430. Come by if you are at all interested in some lettuce, eggs, arugula, collards or kale. We will sell in very light quantities, but let us know if you plan to come by! We’ll likely be on the porch at the house obsessing over row cover.

(Flower models in photos above in order of appearance: Inna Spivakova of PeachPlumPear and Swabreen Bakr of Urbsvox.com)


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