The Expansion

The Schuylkill Center Site

The Schuylkill Center Site

It’s official. We’re having a baby! We’re calling her “the other spot.” Or “oh, fuck.”

I kid. In all honesty, we’re lucky enough to have inherited a great deal of additional growing space at the Schuylkill Center from our good friend and neighbor Gerry Lee. It’s about 5,000 additional square feet. Gorgeous soil, beautiful landscapes and we’re grandfathered in to some hard necked garlics! Score.


This space is still a huge experiment for Andrew and I. We’d love to try some things the space at Farm 51 can’t handle. Squash! Melons! Heirloom tomatoes! Sunflowers! Flowers galore!

Snap out of that romance novel.


The site, as with any gardening project, doesn’t come without a little bit of work. The drive, about a half-hour/45 minutes on I-76 isn’t the most convenient. We’ll see how it makes sense for us to harvest before farmstand on Thursdays. Currently, we’re tasked with clearing out the weeds and installing an electric fence to keep the groundhogs from destroying everything we intend to plant.

But all in all, it’s quite a beautiful estate. Quite a different landscape than the corners of 51st and Chester. No noises or roaring ATVs through the streets. Instead it’s quiet. Too quiet.

If anyone is interested in coming and lend a hand, I’ll likely spend my time there making things work while Andrew, Charlotte and Chloe will hold the fort down on 51st and Chester. There’s a picnic table underneath a billowing, shading apple tree. Bring a picnic basket, sunhat and some cold beverages. Maybe a few shovels. Hit us up at

Please? I’ll drive!


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