Articles on Vacant Land Policy

Overview of North Philadelphia as seen on top of the PGW building.

We at Farm 51 strive to be a permanent fixture in our community, and much of that longevity wasn’t certain until recently. Within the past few months, we went from fleeting renters with a glorified homestead to full-out, official property owners. And now the pursuit of ownership of the lots has become another facet to the head-scratching puzzle. We take lessons from our urban farming idol, Novella Carpenter, who has had issues in Oakland with zoning, permits and the threat of her animals being taken away from her at her farm, Ghost Town Farm.

We sure as hell don’t want that to happen to us.

Luckily, we’re part of a community of people that give a shit, and there are some people working to further the cause of urban agriculture and pushing the City to come up with a precise and concise vacant land policy.

There’s been a lot of awesome reporting done by Plan Philly, John Kromer and the Citypaper. Check out the links to read up on what’s going on.


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