State of the Farm Address – 2012.

Left: Duffy, expert beekeeper and friend of Farm 51, inspects our beehives. Right: Naked neck and friends, alive and kickin'.


We know you’ve heard the “We’ve been busy” excuse before, which is in regards to the blog neglect for the past, oh, 8 months or so.

We sowwee.

But alas, the winter season or lack thereof somehow seemed even busier than the spring and summer months. Our days were mostly consumed with our full-time jobs and also the daunting task of purchasing a home. That’s right folks, we’re moving! A whole one house over to the adjacent property! This is exciting news for us in that it gives Farm 51 a lot more staying power than we did as renters in an apartment.

Our new home! Right next to Farm 51.

Andrew and I can’t tell you how excited we are. If there’s ever a pause in our day, we’re both thinking the same exact thing. “Let’s go see our house.” The excitement hasn’t worn off yet. Not sure if it ever will.

And at the same time while we’re thinking of our new house, the farm and all its critters are still alive and kicking.

Garlic and sprouting arugula

Looking back, we were happy to report that we sold over 1,000 pounds of produce and over 60 dozen eggs to our immediate Southwest/West Philadelphia community.  We couldn’t have done it without the help of our awesome regular volunteers, Miss Roberta, Charlotte, Razion and Yahya Jr.

We’ve also enjoyed working with the Green Line on the Locally Sourced event  and hope to continue to collaborate with our awesome network of farmer friends in West/Southwest Philadelphia.

Photo by Vanessa Jerolmack

In the coming months, we’re looking forward to a partnership with our new friend, Vanessa, who is spearheading her own garden located nearby on 50th and Baltimore. We’re considering her project an extension of what we do, and will regularly sell her produce at our farm stand. Perhaps you will see her smiling face this season!

Looking ahead, we hope to strengthen that same commitment to our immediate community by providing high quality, fresh produce and eggs. All, of course, could not be possible without your help.

We’ll do our best to keep you posted on what upcoming volunteer events, community meals and when the start of the farmstand will be. Keep your eyes posted! It’s going to be a damn good year.


One thought

  1. Monday thr Friday I ride the route 13 trolley and everyday I look forward to the 51st Street shop first I lived in this neighborhood as a kid I still have family living on the 5100 block of Warrington Avenue so it brings back ‘good memories’ but I look forward to seeing what you guys are doing the flowers are awesome (curbside) and the veggies look great, I will stop by on a reqular basis for your eggs this season I grow veggies myself but look forward to trying whats growing on farm 51….keep up the good work I often wonder what my grandma would say if she was alive to see this, I’m sure she would say it would remind her of her family growing food they ate


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