Locally Sourced – A Success!

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All photos by the folks at the Green Line.

We may have missed the ball on this (surprised?), but we want to thank everyone who came to our locally sourced event on July 22nd. We’d especially like to thank Mick, Pam, Jessie, Ketch, Doug and Ish: the wonderful staff at the Green Line for making the awesome food, coordinating the event and making it happen. We’d also like to thank Marilyn at Dock Street Brewery for supplying the refreshing beer. And special thanks to all our fellow growers and farmers who’ve contributed to a quite impressive farmstand: Gerry of Spruce Hill Farm, Dave of Pastor’s Produce, Peggy of Peggy’s Paradise and Sarah and Emily of The Pocket Farm. Couldn’t have done it without you guys. Above is a slideshow of the event in case you missed out!

And by the way, the photo show for “51st & Chester” is still on display at the Green Line Baltimore all the way up until the end of August! Be sure to stop by and check it out.


One thought

  1. What an inspirational (and helathy) concept. I’m working with a non-profit, Postgraduate Medicine Community Outreach, and am always cultivating companies and donors. In my searches, I came upon the Starbucks Foundation, who donates to the Food Project, a community/student based farming project up in the Boston area. You could really take your garden to a new level if you wanted!

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