We’re open!

Farmstand: Hey folks! We’ve been hard at work, putting plants in the ground and setting up for market. For those that don’t know, our farm stand is open! The summer crops are coming in faster than we anticipated, so get your cucumbers, yellow squash, basil and other fresh goods every Thursday, 4:30-7PM! Stop by and say hello.


3 thoughts

  1. Will you be selling tomorrow? I am almost out of eggs, and I’m hoping for more of those small, hard oval ones whose chicken I met (a black star?), though there was a lighter tan egg that was also a small, hard oval and almost as endearing.

    • Not sure which of the many chickens you’re referring to. It’s either a barred rock, a cuckoo maran, or a mutt from the Reading Terminal. We, along with the chickens, will be there 430-7pm. Eggs will be first come first served, so get there quick! Thanks Livia.

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