Shout out to our sponsors!

Since we’re on a roll, we want to thank a few of our sponsors, some new and some of the regulars.

Four Worlds Bakery: Has been consistently supplying our beloved chickens with their leftover breads, day olds, grains, cupcakes and other compost that help cut the cost of chicken feed. Be sure to visit their shop for some freshly baked goods located a few blocks from us, at 46th and Woodland Aves.

West Philly Tool Library: Boy, do we love Eugene and the rest of the gang over at West Philly Tool Library. Chop saws, ladders, wheelbarrows, shovels and other supplies you’ve seen us wielding these past few seasons are all borrowed from our membership with the WPTL. The chicken coop, the beehives and the raised beds are all projects completed thanks to their services. Consider a membership or taking a class.

UC District & PHS: Thanks for the dirt, compost and the continued support of Farm 51. We love you.


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