On the Grid

We don’t know why we’re getting all this media love, but we sure do appreciate it. Make sure you pick up a copy of this month’s Grid Magazine and check our Farm Profile. Much thanks to Char for pitching and writing our story. She makes our urban jungle sound so nice, what with the “smattering” of animals and all.

Though the land is mostly covered in snow, we’re keeping busy with planning, and making moves for the spring. Andrew and I can hardly keep our excitement in anymore. I wake up some mornings and ask if it’s spring yet.

And to fill you in on what you missed out on, we had that little eclipse party at 2AM. Here are some photos to prove to you that we had actual people show up and watch the eclipse with us.

Until next time! See ya.

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One thought

  1. Great media coverage…….you guys deserve it and once again am so proud of the awesome hard work & determination. What i love most is the diversity of peeps that come together for a commom goal………tugs at my heart, thanks! Of course the critters & fires are my most fav and i so enjoy the incredible photo work……thanks again & hope to help out sometime soon!

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