Happy Holidays!

Thanks: From your boys at the farm, we want to wish you a Happy Holiday to you and your family. Thank you to our friends, neighbors, colleagues and family for making this year an incredible journey. We’re looking forward to taking what we learned this year and making it 10 times better for the coming season.

WHYY: Special thanks to our new friends Therese and Jessica for coming out and spending time with us on the farm, squeezing quotes out of Andrew and Yahya for a piece on WHYY. Follow this link for the story.

And to give you a little peak at what we were up to this holiday season, we made some spicy hot sauce out of our habanero peppers we grew this season. We intend to bottle some more, we’ve got lots of peppers in our freezer. So if you’re interested in a bottle, let us know! Remind me to wear gloves next time. My skin still feels like burning. Some sexy food shots to follow:

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One thought

  1. So very proud of your hard work & determination…….great media coverage too! Your photos are totally enjoyable as makes you want to join the team and pitch in…..very enticing. Thanks for all you do for others as it so totally warms my heart!

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