Like. Wow.

“I was blown away by everyone that showed up. We got so much more done than I ever imagined, ugh, it was wonderfulohmigosh. like. wow. like. wow.”

Straight out of the mouth of Andrew Olson.  Needless to say, we at Farm 51 are overwhelmed with gratitude and thanks to our usual helpers, and to some new ones who showed up and became part of the family. From cleaning the sidewalks, moving compost, filling beds, building new ones, planting and weeding, it was nice to feel a part of it all. Hope you enjoyed the pizza, the snacks and the company.

Can’t wait until we have the next work party! And follow this link for a slideshow of photos from today’s party.


One thought

  1. i do wish that knoxville tennessee weren’t so far away from west philly, pennsylvania. i miss seeing you two dudes around all the time! the farm looks great!!

    loooooooooooooooove always,


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