You say tomato, I say… Harlequin Bug.

Farm51 has weathered some storms. First, the cabbage looper of the spring, next a freak hail storm that hit about a month back, now? Harlequin bugs. For existing in the middle of a city, we sure are facing some rural issues.

I’ve been doing research on harlequin bugs, those cheerfully colored little guys that seem so innocuous but are in fact, terribly, terribly destructive.

Photo Credit: Texas A & M University, Extension Entomology

What I’ve found is this…

The harlequin bug is a pest that targets the crucifer family which includes crops such as collard greens, broccoli, kohlrabi, and cauliflower. Once these resources are exhausted, it has no qualms with moving onto other crops like asparagus, squash, corn, tomatoes, and corn. I bet given the option, it would take on some chard and eggplant too.

Like a little vampire, it does damages by sucking at the sap of plants, which in turn makes them wilt and eventually die. The best way to control these these colorful terrors? Hand squashing, of course.

Looking for something to do this afternoon? Come by Farm51 and go crazy. Jainists need not attend.


3 thoughts

  1. I’m also dealing with these pests. Gonna hand pick them and feed them to the chickens tomorrow. Hey check out my blog. Sounds like we have common interests

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