Spring catch-up and the encouragement of a 10 year old.

It was obviously naïve to think that I might be able to keep up with these posts, work full time, and work Farm 51 on the side. I was barely making it happen in the winter but trying it in the spring? Not the brightest idea. Still, I have a few stolen moments to fill you in on what’s happening…

The farm looks great, absolutely stunning. At least it’s stunning in a cluttered “country” sort of way. (Read here that we are 3 rusty cars away from looking like we belong in the hills of New Hampshire or Virginia. A victory in its own right perhaps?)  Every Saturday friends, family, and community members have come and done AMAZING things with us. From lugging rubble to wheel barrowing 30 tons of soil into our new raised beds, we really couldn’t have done it without them, so to everyone who volunteered your time, thank you, thank you.

Just yesterday Andrew and I met up after work to put in our asparagus transplants, plant some beautiful rhubarb that should be in full swing by next growing season, and seed in our lettuce.  We were joined by a number of kids from the neighborhood who provided us with such encouraging comments as, “that isn’t lettuce, that’s just a plant” and “I hate tomatoes.” I can’t hold these statements against them because they were more than happy to get their hands dirty planting regardless of their personal opinions of vegetables. It was really was a great way to spend the afternoon. I look forward to working with our friends again.

A special thanks to the very talented Neal Santos for providing the phototgraphs. Check out his website here. It’s well worth it.


Have a wonderful Friday.


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