Introducing Farm 51

I know what you are thinking. I swear, I do. It goes something like, “Not another blog about a small scale urban growing venture written by two newbie gardeners. I’m so over these!” At least, if you aren’t thinking it, I am. However, I’m going to promise you that this won’t be your average blog. Follow us and you’ll learn all about how to start your own urban garden venture. You’ll learn about sustainable agriculture, dealing with noxious pests, food security issues, and how to keep a chicken from escaping into a busy street. In short, you will gather real life skills. Not every blog can offer this.

For both Andrew and I, starting an urban garden and farmstand is like coming home. We might be two of the most enthusiastic growers in West Philadelphia and we want to share this excitment with you. So, on this snowy Thursday, I invite you into our little world of local farming. Sit down, we will serve you some treats…


One thought

  1. i would love to talk to you guys more about your farm and the work you do. is there an email address i could get in touch with you at?

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